• Various processing

Various processing

Glass processing

  • Polishing (single-side, double-side), planing, cutting, chemical treatment etc.


  • Printing on films, glass, resin,and other materials; decoration etc.


  • Press-working, sheet metal, drawing, and other processing

Bonding, cutting, punching

  • Bonding, cutting, punching of films, glass, resin,and other materials


  • Vacuum molding, injection molding,film insert molding


  • Manufacturing and processing of various molds

Holding of workshops and exhibitions

Announcement of a workshop on static electricity (Japan limited)


workshop on static electricity Technological advancement as well as development of more compact and fast devices adds to sources of static electricity, while new products are more sensitive to static electricity.
For example, electrostatic discharge failures of high-density IC devices are a pressing issue, and disregard for static electricity may lead to great damage. Moreover, careless handling of static electricity in the oil industry may result in a fatal explosion accident.

In order to prevent great damage, and not to lose credibility, it is extremely important to take comprehensive measures against static electricity. Half-measures are not sufficient: consistent implementation, including subcontract factories, is required.

We comprehensively approach electrostatic countermeasures in cooperation with Achilles Corporation, and hold Static Electricity Workshops to promote proper electrostatic countermeasures among our clients. The workshops are aimed mainly at on-site workers and managers dealing with electronic devices. Since we need only time and place to hold a free workshop,do not hesitate to inquire.


※Static Electricity Workshops are restricted to users dealing with electrical and electronic devices.

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