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A - C

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
ACHILLES Achilles Aeron Flexible urethane foam Packing materials, electric machine parts, vehicles
ACHILLES Achilles Tarflon RIM process Large-sized molding, design freedom, low initial cost
ACHILLES Conductive clear folder, Anti-static mouse Conductive stationery Stationery with excellent conductivity
ACHILLES Elefeel Floor Conductive flooring Floor boards for clean rooms (Class 100)
ACHILLES PF Color Seiden Mat Conductive rubber mat Regulation-compliant phthalic ester mat for work tables
ACHILLES Protos Carrier Series Wafer transfer system Wafer transfer
ACHILLES Sky-Poly Bag Anti-static bag Transparent packing bag for electronic device components
ACHILLES Sorbo Shock absorber Shock absorption, vibration damping, noise reduction
ACHILLES Static Mate, AS-mini II Static charge eliminator/Measuring instrument Thin compact high-performance ion blower, non-contact potentiometer
ACHILLES ST-PET sheet Conductive film Clean room partitions, inspection windows, electrostatic shield covers
ACHILLES Wrist strap, Ground wire set Body grounding Easily attachable ground wire
AIN Ceramic Ink Insulating paint Coating material to improve reflection and heat conduction
AIN Various circuit boards Circuit board Tailored to purpose, from design through packaging
ARAKAWA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PINE ALPHA Series Cleaning agent Quasi-water based cleaning agent combining high cleaning performance and safety
ARAKAWA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PINE FLUX Soldering material Bump forming, solder balls, and LED element packaging
ARAKAWA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PINE SOLDER Soldering material Lead-free solder paste for automobile onboard devices, general high-level applications, and precoat
ARAKAWA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Tornado jet, Direct pass, Direct falls Cleaning equipment Lineup of cleaning systems using PINE ALPHA for various applications
Audio-Technica TechniClean Cleaning roller Adhesive tape transfer type dust collecting roller

D - F

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
DAI NIPPON TORYO ITO ink, SnO ink, noble metal nanoparticle solution Coating ink Various coating materials using dispersion technology
Exseal STEP-MAT®: adsorption mat reusable after wash Foot wiping mat Can be reused after wiping with a damp cloth
Fluoro Mechanic Vacuum tweezers Tweezers Vacuum tweezers for semiconductor silicon wafer processes
Fuji Polymer Industries SARCON®: thermal conductive silicone rubber Heat release sheet Variety of heat release sheets with excellent thermal conductivity and electric insulation properties
FUJIIMPULSE Polysealer®: heat sealer Heat sealer Tabletop heat sealer
FUJIKURA KASEI DOTITE®: conductive paste Resin Conductive resin material for a wide range of applications such as paste, adhesive, and paint

G - I

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
GUNZE AFP Hard Coating Film Functional film Anti-fingerprint hard coating film; clear type and AG type available
GUNZE DPT Film Optical film Transparent conductive film with low resistance and high transparency due to proprietary printing technology (DPT: pattern printing with Ag particles on plastic film)
GUNZE F Film Functional film Heat-resistant transparent COC film: heat resistance 180℃, high optical performance, high dimensional stability
GUNZE HD Film Functional film High hardness transparent film: surface hardness up to 9H
GUNZE LR Film Functional film Low reflection film; optical design suitable for capacitive type touch panels
GUNZE OCA Film Functional film Optical clear adhesive film, ITO electrode film
HARADA Nitrile Gloves Conductive treated equipment Intended for clean rooms, various anti-static items
INOAC High heat resistant silicone foam sheet HT-800 Silicone foam sheet High heat resistant foamed sheet
INOAC MASASHEET: heat resistant sheet for electronic devices Heat release sheet Soft as sponge, high thermal conductivity
INOAC PE-LITE Polyolefin foam sheet 5-30 times expanded foam block

J - L

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
KIMOTO KB-Film: hard-coated film (AG) Optical film Membrane switches, keypads, hard-coated parts of touch panels
KIMOTO LIGHT-UP: diffusion film for backlight Optical diffusion film Designed to prevent from dust during processing through anti-static treatment etc.
KIMOTO Prosave™ Optical film Re-releasable adhesive industrial protective film
KIMOTO REF-White: reflection film for backlight Optical film Two types: installed on the back of light guide board, or on the back of light source
KURABE INDUSTRIAL FLUBON wire Electric wire High reliable electric wire using fluorine resin for insulation
KYOCERA TC Board Unsaturated polyester resin insulating material Large-size molded insulator board with excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, and flame retardancy
KYOCERA TOROKERU Sealing Sheet reinforced by base material Seal material Grade with film on top side
KYOCERA TOROKERU Sealing Sheet, TOROKERU Bonding Sheet Seal material Curable in 60 min. at 100℃. Can be molded just by heating.
LINTEC Labeling machine L-VIS C01 Bonding machine High speed and high accuracy even with transparent films
LINTEC Light-shielding reflective double-sided adhesive tape Double-sided tape Provides light shielding and reflection for LCD backlight unit components
LINTEC Shatterproof film CHC Film Shatter-proofing of mobile phone reinforced glass
LINTEC Transparent double-sided tape (non-carrier) Double-sided tape Acid-free type OCA

M - O

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
Maruai Anti-static PE bag CleanPoly N Anti-static bag Packaging for electronic components
Mitsubishi Plastics DIAFOIL™: PET film Film Thickness from several to 350 m; can be used for a wide range of industrial applications including optical and electric components
Mochida Elemac sheet: EM wave blocking sheet EM wave blocking sheet EM wave suppressing sheet used for curing at construction sites etc.
Mochida IT sheet, silicone sheet, adhesive sheet Silicone sheet Glass based silicone sheets for electronic board crimping, skid prevention, etc.
Mochida TG sheet: adhesive sheet Special elastomer Adhesive sheet that can be used repeatedly
Mochida Thermo Release sheet: silicone heat release sheet Heat release sheet Flexible sheets with excellent thermal conductivity
Musashi engineering Dispensers Coater Syringes, dispensers, and coaters
Nihon Gosei Kako Achmex Adhesive High functional adhesive
Nihon Gosei Kako Urex Adhesive High heat resistant moisture-proof two-liquid adhesive
NIKKO KASEI BESTHERMO Heat insulating plate Versatile heat resistant board
NIKKO KASEI LOSSNA-BOARD Heat insulating plate Heat insulation effect remains even under continuously high temperature of 400℃
NIKKO KASEI NIKKO PALLET Solder reflow tool Integrated in-house production from raw material preparation through pallet design and manufacture
NIKKO KASEI NIKOLYTE® Epoxy Resin Laminated Sheet Laminate Products made with glass fiber cloth come in two type: normal (G-10) and flame resistant (FR-4). Both types have excellent mechanical strength, electrical performance, low water absorption and chemical resistance.
NIKKO KASEI NIKOLYTE® Inorganic Resin Laminated Sheet Laminate Glass fiber laminated sheets made with inorganic material. They insulate up to 300°C and above, and can even reach 800°C in certain situations.
NIKKO KASEI NIKOLYTE® Melamine Resin Laminated Sheet Laminate Melamine resin has excellent water resistance, chemical resistance and weatherproof properties, and its surface is so hard that it is difficult to scratch. It has applications with arcing electrical parts such as vehicular arc chutes and breakers.
NIKKO KASEI NIKOLYTE® NL-EGN-26TR Laminate FR-4 material with excellent tracking resistance and CT value of 600 M
NIKKO KASEI NIKOLYTE® Phenolic Resin Laminated Sheet Laminate Since phenolic resin is superior to others in heat resistance, its laminated sheet is hard and stable against every solvent and acidic chemicals, and it is a well balanced electric insulator in terms of its electrical properties, mechanical properties, processing properties and cost performance.
NIKKO KASEI NIKOLYTE® Polyimide Resin Laminated Sheet Laminate Stable at high temperatures, and have excellent electric properties, abrasion resistance, radiation resistance, and chemical resistance. They can be used for the mechanical parts of drug solution tanks, nuclear power plant equipment, and class H wedges of motors, because of its reliability at high temperatures.
NIKKO KASEI NIKOLYTE® Silicone Resin Laminated Sheet Laminate Silicone resin can be used as an H-class insulator because of its excellent heat resistance, low temperature resistance, incombustibility, water resistance, and electrical insulation properties.
NIKKO KASEI T-MOLD High heat resistant molding resin Engineering plastic that can be used at 300 - 400℃, and holds shape at 1,000℃
Nikko Seisakusho SUS Ring Dicing frame Thin lightweight ring used in semiconductor dicing
Nippon Soda BC-1000 Moisture-proof material Two-liquid substrate coating material with excellent electric properties
NIPPON RIKA INDUSTRIES CCL high thermal conductive copper-clad laminate Laminate Copper-clad laminate offering excellent heat release performance and heat resistance
Nitto Denko BREATHRON®: breathable sheet Porous membrane Transmits air and moisture, but do not transmit water and wind
Nitto Denko Can sealing vinyl tape Packing tape Based on special PVC film with pliability and moderate elongation
Nitto Denko Cleaning Wafer: cleaning material for wafer chuck table Semiconductor cleaning material Wafer-shaped cleaning material that can collect small particles where wafer surface is contacted
Nitto Denko Die attach film Semiconductor protective tape Tape combining dicing and die attach functions
Nitto Denko DURA SYSTEM: thermal transfer printer Label printer Label printer with high resolution 610-dpi thermal head
Nitto Denko DURAINK: thermal transfer ink Thermal transfer ink Thermal transfer ink supporting various labels
Nitto Denko DURATACK: functional thermal transfer label Functional label Labels that make possible writing many data within a limited space
Nitto Denko ELECRYSTA Conductive film Transparent conductive film that transmits light and conducts electricity
Nitto Denko ELEP HOLDER®: backgrinding tape Semiconductor protective tape Surface protection in backgrinding of semiconductor wafers
Nitto Denko ELEP HOLDER®: dicing tape Semiconductor protective tape Dicing tape featuring low chipping
Nitto Denko ELEP MASKING: masking tape for printed circuit boards Masking tape Protects circuit boards under severe conditions such as during soldering, polishing, drying, plating etc.
Nitto Denko ELEP-CLEANER®: dust-cleaning adhesive roller Cleaning roller Catches the smallest dirt and dust just by rolling
Nitto Denko E-MASK®: surface protective material for electronics and optics Protective film Surface protection of optical components susceptible to static electricity
Nitto Denko EPTSEALER: foam sealing material Foamed polyurethane Shutout of heat, water, sound, and vibration. Wide variety of options depending on usage including flame retardant, soft, or high expansion
Nitto Denko Fabric adhesive tape Packing tape Packaging tape featuring high adhesion even on rough surface
Nitto Denko Holding tape Packing tape Tape intended for temporary fixing of electric appliances and office equipment
Nitto Denko HYPERJOINT®: acryl foam-base adhesive double-sided tape Double-sided tape Multi-functional double-sided tape offering strong adhesion, high durability, and high heat resistance
Nitto Denko Kraft tape Packing tape Organic solvent-free tape; perfect for cardboard packaging
Nitto Denko LEGETOLEX: lightweight vibration-damping material Vibration-damping material Lightweight high functional vibration-damping material based on original adhesion and sound-proofing technologies
Nitto Denko LUCIACS®: optically clear adhesive tape Double-sided tape For interlayer bonding of touch panels
Nitto Denko NEL SYSTEM® Semiconductor mounter Applies/removes DC/BG tape; supports patterned or thin wafers
Nitto Denko NITOFLON® Teflon tape Tape featuring excellent thermal resistance, insulation, slipping, and chemical resistance
Nitto Denko NITOFOIL® Shielding tape Tape featuring excellent heat release, EM shielding, heat insulation, and moisture proofness
Nitto Denko NT Series: molding sealing material Semiconductor molding resin Resins and resin sheets for manufacture of semiconductors and optical semiconductors
Nitto Denko OPP tape Packing tape OPP based packaging tape with excellent strength and adhesiveness
Nitto Denko PENJEREX®: energy-saving film for windows Protective film Window film combining excellent heat shielding and insulating properties with high transparency
Nitto Denko Polarizing plate High-functional film Suitable for various LCD including transmissive, reflective, semi-transmissive, and other types
Nitto Denko Polyester adhesive tape Electric insulating tape Adhesive tape with excellent electric insulation properties.
Nitto Denko Polyimide adhesive tape Heat resistant insulating tape UL 510 flame retardant certified (130℃)
Nitto Denko REVALPHA®: thermal release sheet Foamed release sheet Tightly adheres, and can be easily peeled off just by heating; can be used for temporary fixing
Nitto Denko SCF®: thin clean foam Packing material Flexible and easy to work foam that can be used for clearances as small as 100 mm
Nitto Denko SPV®: surface protective material for resin and metal plates Protective film Surface protection of various substrates
Nitto Denko SUNMAP®: ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene porous film Porous membrane Novel material that combines air permeability, low friction, and cushioning properties
Nitto Denko TEMISH®: fluoroplastic porous film Porous membrane Provides water and dust proofing, while regulating micropore internal pressure
Nitta Gelatin CIPG UV cured-in-place gasket Packing material Liquid gaskets immediately curable by UV irradiation
Nitto Glass wafer, support glass etc. Glass parts for semiconductors Various glass components
NITTO DENKO CS SYSTEM Grip sheet Safety means Reusable crisis management product using 100% recycled paper and featuring original anti-slip treatment
NITTO DENKO CS SYSTEM Rob-sensor Tape Safety means Security tape that leaves easy-to-recognize trace when peeled off
Nitto Shinko Composite insulating paper NTN-222 Heat resistant insulating paper Sheets laminated from NOMEX and PET/PEN film
Nitto Shinko ELEP COAT: moisture-preventing insulating liquid sealant Moisture-proof material Liquid film compound offering excellent moisture proofness
Nitto Shinko Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet SL-EC Laminate Composed of glass cloth and epoxy resin
Nitto Shinko Epoxy glass mat laminated sheet SL-ME Laminate Composed of glass mat base and epoxy resin
Nitto Shinko HT Sheet: thermal conductive sheet Heat release sheet Insulating sheet with excellent adhesivity and thermal conductivity; used to conduct heat from power ICs and devices
Nitto Shinko impregnation varnish   Liquid resin with bonding and insulating functions used for coil impregnation and curing
Nitto Shinko Polyester glass mat laminated sheet SL-MP Laminate General-purpose product composed of glass mat base and polyester resin
Nitto Shinko Thermal conductive insulating adhesive sheet Thermal conductive adhesive sheet Heat-activated adhesive sheet, non-adhesive at room temperature
NOF AirLike High-functional film Super low reflection AR film
NOF ClearTouch High-functional film Fingermark resistance and anti-glare capability
NOF Copper paste for screen printing (new product) Paste Copper paste with excellent screen printing properties; high-density high-conductivity films are obtained on various substrates by low temperature sintering in atmosphere. Suitable for any copper paste application. (Source: NOF Corp. Product Catalog)
NOF Integrated AR front plate Front plate Display front plate integrated with AR film
NOF Modiper, Malialim, Low permittivity polymer Surface modifier, dispersant, lubricant, etc. Excellent water/oil repellency, lubricity, and sliding properties can be provided by adding to various paints and inks
NOF PureFace® AG film High-functional film AG film offering low reflection and fingermark resistance
NOF ReaLook® AR film High-functional film Anti-reflection film offering many options
NORITAKE Copper-based thick-film circuit board, ceramic board Circuit board High heat resistant, high reliable thick-film circuit boards
OK Print Various circuit boards Circuit board Tailored to purpose, from design through packaging
Oki Electric Cable Cool-STAFF Flexible heat release sheet Revolutionary heat release film with multiple heat release paths integrated in one sheet
Oki Electric Cable OKIFLEX Flexible printed circuit board (FPC) Flat and round cables for internal wiring of industrial machines and inter-machine connection
Oki Electric Cable SYM cable Noise-proof cable Reduction of conduction noise produced by switching devices
OZU BEMCOT Wiper for clean room Wiper for clean room

P - R

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
PANAC PANACLEAN® Adhesive film Optical adhesive film with excellent optical properties and durability
PANAC PANAPROTECT®   Polyester based adhesive film provided with removable features
Penn & Nitto Penntube® PTFE Heat shrinkable tube Heat shrinkable tubing with excellent heat resistance, insulating performance, non-stickiness, and slipperiness
POLYPLASTICS DURACON® acetal copolymer Resin Good mechanical properties (gear wheels, thread etc.), fatigue resistance, creep resistance
Quadrant Polypenco MC Nylon Insulating material Features high PV limit among thermoplastics
RAYON INDUSTRIAL Clean roller Dust remover  
RAYON INDUSTRIAL Floor mat Foot wiping mat Clean mat with serial number tag
RISHO KOGYO AD-7006 Double-sided tape For bonding substrates and aluminum heat release boards
RISHO KOGYO High heat resistant glass epoxy tape Electric insulating tape Glass fabric based film-like PWB material for IC card terminals
RISHO KOGYO Resin coated copper foil (High heat conductive adhesive sheet) Thermal conductive adhesive sheet Material for mounting boards of high-brightness LED and heat release boards
RISHO KOGYO RICOCEL® for solder masking pallet Solder reflow tool High heat resistant laminate for solder masking pallet
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® Industrial core Dust-free winding core with excellent mechanical strength
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® aluminum base material for printed-wiring boards Copper-clad laminate Heat control of high-brightness LED and power semiconductor substrates
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® epoxy material for printed-wiring boards Copper-clad laminate PWB material
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® fabric base phenolic resin laminate Laminate Good for cold and hot punching
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® glass base composite epoxy resin laminate Laminate CEM-3 type; perfect for punching applications
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® glass base epoxy resin laminate Laminate G-10 and FR-4 types available
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® high heat resistant glass base epoxy resin laminate Laminate Flame retardant, heat resistant grade available (Tg = 200℃)
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® low dielectric PPE material for printed-wiring boards Copper-clad laminate Substrate material for HF components
RISHO KOGYO RISHOLITE® paper base phenolic resin laminate Laminate Standard size: 1,220 mm ´ 260 mm; thin plates for cold punching available

S - U

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
Sanyu Rec Coating material for electronic control boards Resin Higher heat resistance as compared to one-solution type; plasticity remains even at low temperatures
Sanyu Rec Moisture-proof urethane resin for electronic control boards Resin Provides electronic control boards with heat resistance, moisture/water proofness, and conductivity
Sanyu Rec LED lamp sealant: dimethyl silicone resin Resin Liquid sealing resin for LED lamps
Sanyu Rec One-component epoxy adhesive/sealant Resin Liquid sealing resin for semiconductors
SEIREN Belltron®: conductive fabric sheet Conductive sheet High performance conductive fiber to suppress static electricity
Shin-Etsu Chemical Heat shrinkable tubing ST Series Heat shrinkable tube When heated, inner diameter shrinks to about 1/2. Performance endures in the range of -50℃ through +200℃.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Heat-release silicone rubber parts TC/HC Series Heat release sheet Special filler is added to improve heat release performance. High heat release effect at good elasticity and adhesivity.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Moisture-proof insulating silicone rubber coating material Moisture-proof material Excellent water repellent effect
Shin-Etsu Chemical One-component RTV rubber KE Series Silicone rubber Elastic rubber is obtained after curing; can be used at -40℃ through +180℃
Shin-Etsu Chemical SHIN-ETSU SIFEL Liquid fluorinated elastomer Unlike conventional fluorine rubber, elastic rubber is obtained by heating in liquid state
Shin-Etsu Chemical Silicone master pellets Silicone Products with silicone uniformly dispersed in various resins. Compounding small quantities of silicone master pellets into resins makes possible easy fabrication of silicone dispersed materials.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Silicone OCR Silicone OCR Stable even at high temperature
Shin-Etsu Chemical Silicone oil KF Series Silicone oil Colorless clear liquid. Excellent heat, cold and water resistance, low viscosity variation
Shin-Etsu Chemical Silicone oligomer Silicone Silicone resin with relatively low molecular weight. Unique product featuring functions of resin, organic resin modifier, and interface modifier.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Silicone resin Silicone Resin composed by high-energy siloxane bonds (Si-O-Si). Such films combine excellent properties such as heat resistance, weatherability, electric insulating performance, and water repellence.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Silicone rubber compound KE Series Silicone rubber Unique silicone gum combining properties of organic and inorganic materials
Shin-Etsu Chemical Two-component RTV rubber KE Series (for electric and electronic industry) Silicone rubber Same features as in one-liquid type; excellent deep curability and storage
Shin-Etsu Chemical Two-component RTV rubber KE Series (for mold making) Silicone rubber Best choice for master molds
Shin-Etsu Polymer Shin-Etsu Lightframe Dicing frame Safety and reduction of transportation cost due to lighter weight (150, 200, 300, 450 mm)
Shin-Etsu Polymer View Control VC Series View angle control film Integrated structure with high transparent film on both sides of sheet with parallel louver arrays
Sumiron Electronics films E, EC Series Protective film Special PO films provided with acryl and rubber based adhesive ;tapes suitable for optical sheet protection
Sumitomo Bakelite "SUNLOID" PC Eco-Sheet Polycarbonate film Insulating polycarbonate film using halogen-free flame retardant
Sumitomo Bakelite LaZ Substrate material High reliable semiconductor packaging material with low thermal expansion and excellent dimensional stability
Sumitomo Bakelite POLYCA ACE: polycarbonate resin plate Resin Flameproof material certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan (DW-9054)
Sumitomo Bakelite SUMIKON® PM molding resin Resin Thermosetting molding compound used in motor vehicles and aircraft
Sumitomo Bakelite SUMILITE® VSS HT Series: heat resistant PVC sheet Resin Heat resistant PVC sheet provided with heat resistance, flame resistance, processability, and other properties required for insulating materials
Sumitomo Bakelite SUMILITE®ALC: aluminum based copper-clad laminate Copper-clad laminate High thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, reliability at high withstand voltage
Sumitomo Bakelite SUMILITE®ELC: epoxy resin copper-clad laminate Copper-clad laminate Double-sided epoxy resin copper-clad laminate used in a wide range of fields
Sumitomo Bakelite SUMILITE®FSL: UV curable dicing tape Semiconductor protective tape UV curable dicing tape to hold silicon wafers, resin substrates, and other adherends
Sumitomo Bakelite SUMILITE®PLC: phenolic resin copper-clad laminate Copper-clad laminate Lineup of low-odor halogen-free materials and high heat resistance materials for lead-free soldering
Sun A. Kaken SUNYTECT® Protective film Optical films, from surface protection to processing
SUN-TEC Bonding machine Bonding machine Manufacture of various labeling machines, from rolls to sheets
TAISEI LAMINATOR First Graphite Sheet Heat release sheet Made of natural graphite featuring excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance
TAISEI LAMINATOR LAMINATOR bonding machine Bonding machine Bonding up to 2,400 mm supported; roll/sheet options available
TAIYO INK MFG. ELEFINER® AF Series Paste Conductive paste featuring excellent adhesion to transparent dielectric (ITO) films and PET substrates
TAIYO INK MFG. IMAGEFINER®TER-20 K27 Ink High resolution developing screen ink
TAIYO INK MFG. Solder resist PSR®-4000 Ink Aqueous ink with excellent flux resistance
TAIYO INK MFG. RCA®-2000: cold-setting adhesive Adhesive Low-temperature type thermosetting screen paste with strong adhesion to PET/PEN materials
TEICHU Nylon projection material Resin Projection material with excellent anti-static properties, abrasive resistance, and flexibility
THINKY Awatori Rentaro Stirring deaerator Stirring defoamer
TIGERS POLYMER AFLAS® rubber sheet: FR sheet Fluorine rubber Material for special corrosion resistant packings
TIGERS POLYMER SR Sheet Silicone rubber Features excellent weatherability and ozone resistance; used in heat resistant packings for electronic devices
TIGERS POLYMER Ti-Prene Sheet Urethane rubber Urethane rubber that can be used for various packing materials, cushion materials, etc.
Tokyo Tokushu Glass Various glass, reinforced glass Various glass Various, glass, reinforced glass
TOMOEGAWA Fluorine fiber sheet:Tomy Filec F Porous membrane Porous sheet for filters with heat resistance of 260℃

V - Z

Maker Product name
(maker's registered trademark)
Category Use and features
VALQUA ARMOR Series High-functional elastomer Products provided with purity, non-adhesiveness, plasma resistance, and other functions due to original rubber modification technology
VALQUA Gasket Packing material Sealing materials for various applications, from synthetic rubber and fluorine rubber to metals
VALQUA Oil seal Oil seal Seal to prevent lubricant leaks as well as penetration of dust or water to bearings
VALQUA O-ring Packing material High airtight packing material
VALQUA VALFLON™ Adhesive Tape Teflon tape Tape using one-side treatment of cutting tape and adhesive application
VALQUA VALFLON™ Cutting Tape Teflon tape Tape cut from PTFE molding material
VALQUA VALFLON™ Glass Cloth Teflon tape Glass cloth based sheets, impregnated with PTFE and sintered
VALQUA VALFLON™ Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape Teflon tape Tape using one-side treatment of glass cloth sheet and adhesive application
VALQUA Vent Filter: fluorine porous membrane Porous membrane Internal pressure adjustment due to temperature or structure; water and dust proofing without loosing air permeability
Yamaichi Kako UL/CSA-approved insulating vinyl tube Insulating tube Extruded tube for electric insulation
Yuka Sangyo METALEX® Cleaning agent Environment-friendly non-solvent cleaning agent
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